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Welcome to Mycology Research Laboratories, Ltd.

Our objective

Founded in 2007, MRL-USA(www.mrlusa.com) is the US affiliate of the UK firm, Mycology Research Laboratories Ltd (www.mycologyresearch.com) founded in 1997.

Both firms market mushroom nutrition products (biomass form) cultivated to organic standards (conducted in California). All MRL tablets (500 mg) products are manufactured to food grade GMP standards (HACCP standards).

MRL´s principal customer base is healthcare practitioners. In order to assist healthcare practitioners MRL has conducted a series of studies on the use of mushroom (fungi) nutrition. These studies include a series of case studies described in newsletters as well as clinical studies.

MRL mushroom (fungi) nutrition products are not extracts, but are composed of biomass powder that include both the mycelium and primordia (young fruiting body) of the specific mushroom strain.

MRL contends that a biomass product is more likely to retain the key immune supporting attributes of ß-glucans, enzymes and secondary metabolites after passing through the digestive tract than an extracted mushroom equivalent (See Mycology / Biomass vs Extract section).

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Our Quality Standards

Mycology Research Laboratories as a commitment to the product quality and all the production process is garantee and certified by several institutes.

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Scientific Advisory Board

In 1998, MRL formed an international Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to advise MRL on all mushroom nutriton clinical development and basic research, both in the human and animal health areas. The SAB members are: