Quality standards

When working with mushroom (fungi) nutrition it is extremely important to reconfirm quality control standards in cultivation and in strain specification since during the cultivation process, mushrooms emit enzymes and reabsorb the enzymes thereby indirectly, absorbing all metals, bacteria, mushrooms and chemicals in the area of cultivation. Therefore there are two areas of concern in the cultivation process:

MRL´s source powder contains both mycelium and primordia (young fruiting bodies) of individual mushrooms that are cultivated into a biomass on sterile substrate. This is one of the only cultivation processes which cultivate a biomass that is free from contamination by other fungi, pesticides and heavy metals. The cultivation system is proprietary and certified, allowing for standardized production of individual mushroom nutrition products.

Processing is carried out under the same rigorously controlled conditions that are applied to the manufacture of conventional pharmaceuticals. The result is a standardized biomass dried at low temperature, which is further ground while maintaining a low temperature to form a finely ground powder that is either the final product or is further processed into tablets with a standardized biomass content of 500 mg. The choice of binders and additives used in manufacture renders these tablets suitable for vegetarian and healthy diet use.

Raw material MRL Quality Control Standards

The raw material cultivation processes are certified organic by QAI as in accordance with:

quality production


Finished product MRL Quality Control Standards