The Marriage of Mushrooms and Garlic

The Marriage of Mushrooms and Garlic is a cookbook.

Book Description

The two collaborating authors: Malcolm Clark, a mycologist, and Chester Aaron, a garlic grower and author.

This cookbook tells the story of two friends merging their individual passion for two of Nature’s nutritional ingredients and offers a collection of recipes for all home-cooks to enjoy. The cookbook also shares Malcolm’s discovery of how wild mushrooms go from nature to the store-shelf and to your plate as gourmet mushrooms.

The book covers many types of mushrooms and garlic and focuses on recipes using various types of both mushrooms and garlic separately and together.

The authors offer many new recipes, all tried and tested to the highest standard and 112 pages of full-color illustrations. With simple instructions for preparing these two different foods home-cooks will be moved to prepare and serve mushrooms and garlic in their daily diet.

A savory bowl of Cream of Mushroom and Garlic Soup that will warm up a cold winter night, scrumptious Porcini Mushroom Risotto or perhaps a tasty Crustless Mushroom and Garlic Quiche for a healthy meal are some of the easy and delicious recipes featured in The Marriage of Mushrooms and Garlic.

About the authors

Chester Aaron

Chester Aaron, based in Occidental, California, is a recognized leader in the culinary use of garlic and garlic’s health benefits. He has grown over 90 varieties of garlic from over fifteen countries. He has published 26 books: adult and young-adult, fiction and non-fiction (including three books about garlic.)

Malcom Clark

Malcolm Clark is a world-recognized mycologist. He and his partner, David Law, are pioneers in cultivating the Shiitake mushroom in the United States. Malcolm co-founded the culinary mushroom-grower (Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc) and the mushroom nutrition firm Mycology Research Laboratories Ltd in United Kingdom. Now semi-retired, Malcolm divides his time between California and Thailand.