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Archives of Environmental Health, August 2003 (Vol. 58 (No.8 )). Reprinted with permission of the Helen Dwight Reid Educational Foundation. Published by Heldref Publications, 1319 18th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036-1802. Copyright � (2004).

In this article Dr. Monro points discusses how 20% of all cancers are triggered by viral infections. Dr. Monro outlines that having provided 30 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients Coriolus-MRL supplementation over eight weeks, there were significant improvements in the overall immune systems of the majority of the patients and that Coriolus supplementation could be utilized as a preventative immunutrition for those patients with such viral conditions that could develop into more serious oncological conditions i.e. HPV infection or Epstein Barr infection. Dr. Monro also outlines that Coriolus supplementation not only increases Natural Killer cell activity by 35%, but may also play a role in facilitating intercellular communication, thereby allowing the immune system to operate more effectively.

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