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In this edition, Dr Rajendra Sharma presents the results of 13 patient study on the use of Coriolus-MRL supplementation (4,5 g day over 90 days) in Leaky Gut Syndrome. Dr Jean Monro outlines a prospective trial design for HPV control with Coriolus versicolor. A prostate cancer case study is outlined in which the patient, Gary Bates, describes his experience taking Coriolus versicolor an Cordyceps sinensis supplementation while undergoing hormone blocking treatment. Dr Girao Bastos outlines the use of Coriolus supplementation in a dog with prostate cancer. The TCM lecturer, John Tindall, provides a protocol on the use of Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) in gout. Prof Amin Kamali provides an enzyme analysis of Agaricus blazei biomass which explains how the mushroom supports the immune system.

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